Thursday, June 14, 2018

Uninvited (1988) - What Is Your Pet Feline Like?

A lab experiment has gone completely haywire ending up in disaster as an unusual looking feline escapes. And this is definitely no household cat. There is a very ugly and dangerous mutant cat that inhabits the body of a regular cat and it stops at nothing to kill and kill. The kids who are looking forward to partying it up during Spring Break won't be getting lucky anytime soon..

It's so funny, my own beautiful Feline who is a Tabby breed, is laid back for the most part, very inquisitive and affectionate. She is more of a people cat than a cat's cat. She doesn't get a long with other cats as she believes she is the Queen of this jungle and will attack any other feline she views as a threat. She heard the non stop meowing coming from the mutant cat and went absolutely nuts. She has her moments like most felines where she can scratch and if she is really pissed off, will lunge right into you...

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