Saturday, July 28, 2018

Madman (1982) - The Legend Of Madman Marz

Say his name. I dare you. I dare you to even say it 3 times. I dare you to laugh. I dare you to mock him. Most of all, I dare you to disbelieve...

 A group of counselors and campers gather around the fire to tell the story of the Legend of Madman Marz. This crazy and deranged man supposedly murdered his wife and children with an axe. He was supposed to be hanged but somehow broke free and has been on the loose since. Anybody that says his name and wakes him will die...

Can we say cabin fever?

Another camp cock block for a bunch of ballsy teenagers who think they are invincible. They are town legends for a reason dumbasses! 

Madman Items 2

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