Sunday, August 5, 2018

Excision (2012) - Pauline's Dating Profile

Uncouth. Non-lady like. Unfiltered. Dirty. Nasty. Skeevy. Grimy. Those are some anti-glamorous adjectives used when referring to Pauline. She is a chemically imbalanced high school student who is at the mercy of her condescending and controlling mother, her sister is battling cystic fibrosis, and her father exposed her to cold sores while giving her mouth to mouth after a freak accident when younger. So if you are wondering what her family is like....

Did I mention, Pauline is kinda "kinky". She loves to experiment with blood, her own and others. She loves to have sex and have cunnilingus performed on her while she is on her period. And she has necrophiliac desires and tendencies. She also could give two shits if you are taken or not. More like she gives no shits.

Oh but don't throw up in your mouth just yet, because despite her quirks and kinks, Pauline really is not that bad..

She is actually very intelligent and has aspirations of pursuing Medicine. She utilizes her self-taught methods into actually attempting to save her sister by giving her a lung transplant all on her own. I mean it is at the expense of another human being but blood comes first right?

Her mama should be proud. So let me ask you, would you still do her?

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