Monday, January 13, 2020

3 FROM HELL (2019) - Baby Firefly

Women of Horror are sexy. Some are bat shit crazy. Baby Firefly has the face of an angel but a dark venomous abyss where her heart should be. Evil and murder is her normal. Insanity is her right mind. She tried to have fun with it at first. She went from playfully and a bubbly kind of evil to nasty, and now her mind has snapped into full blown insanity. What are people thinking trying to help "free the three"?? Are we talking about the glamorous Manson cult here or Mickey and Mallory Knox? 

The minute you hear that crazy laugh of hers, you better be afraid. Her laugh is a mating call for murder. She will tear you piecemeal and shower in your blood. The 3 From Hell are so evil that thousands of gun shot wounds still could not kill them. Don't tell this little baby to hush and don't cry...

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