Thursday, December 12, 2013

Everyday Horror

Many Horror fans can find entertainment in what we see on the big screen or what we read and still tell themselves by the end of the day "it's just fiction, these things don't happen in real life". But how many of us have ever given much thought to the things that are meant to really frighten us that we can equate to Horror?  For a moment as you read this post, forget about the entertainment aspect and acknowledge the real life Horrors. 

Ask yourself, what are you afraid of?  Disease? Job Loss? Divorce? Death? Anything that leaves you frightened, alone, vulnerable to external temptations, such as substance abuse, alcohol, promiscuity, etc.? How about what we read every single day about fatal car accidents caused by reckless driving? That would evoke every ounce of legitimate fear of getting behind the wheel. And robberies, break ins, shootings, bombings, drugs, rapes, and all the other traumatic events you see on the news? Understand that these unpleasant scenarios occur on a daily basis the very minute you wake up to embark on a brand new day. The only way our world would be immune from these terrifying occurrences is if everybody just stayed in their own homes and never stepped outside. However, we know that is very impossible to do so that leaves our lives open to risk. Weather or not you believe in demons in the literal sense, understand that they do exist. Because as mentioned above, outer temptations caused by a lonely and vulnerable state of mind, leads us to do something we know is wrong but we do it anyway, hence taking over our lives and who we are. When we lose our sense of self, we end up nowhere but in pitch darkness.

When you think of Zombies, you think of flesh eating monsters who look human and who were at one point normal like you and me. So did they just become like that due to chemical consumption? Think about drug addicts and alcoholics now. What do you think they are consuming? Chemically mind enhancing substances! When you see a drunkard who is a friend or family member at a bar or at a wedding, staggering, swearing,slurring,and shadow boxing, we all can see how beside themselves they are. The substance has taken over their ability to reason hence, they transform into a real life zombie. How many of you have actually seen the parallel between a zombie and an alcoholic? I know I have and trust me, it is traumatizing to see how a person you once knew and loved, just turns into, well, a monster.  

Are vampires real? Absolutely. Maybe there is no Count Dracula or an actual leader of the human canine wolf pack, but there are blood sucking leeches that drain your energy rendering you lifeless emotionally. We can list the users, abusers, liars, thieves, cheaters, backstabbers, and just plain old negative people who suck the very life out of you. These people are called "Emotional Vampires". Unfortunately no garlic or crucifix per se can ward off these human leeches. For a girl who is being bullied in school, a place where she is making the attempt to advance positively, or a woman who returns home to a husband who verbally and physically abuses her, then their environment that is supposed to be a secure one, transforms into Salem's Lot. 

The true fear factor here, in my opinion, is not the catalyst itself but the change. Unpleasant occurrences take place everyday, some beyond our control. What can we do about it? Staying strong keeping your head above water is easier said than done. Sustaining your faith in God, religion, or whatever Higher Power you believe in, much easier said than done. The losses in your life weather it be through divorce, death, or your own sense of self worth, does most often reel you into that ominous downward spiral unable to make you see resolution. And where resolution is amiss, so is your voice of reason. Your only sense of resolution may be drugs, alcohol, or in extreme cases, suicide.   

Technically, this world is one big horror film.   



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