Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Nightmare Analysis

izombiheartzoey who writes for http://interrogatingideologywithachainsaw.blogspot.com/, and I have exchanged nightmares and analysis. I came up with my own conclusions based on certain symbols of his dream. Before proceeding, I will inform you that I am not a professional or certified Dream Interpreter. I just go by research and opinion.

It was about 3 AM, and I was on watch on a US. Navy Destroyer. When a ship is at sea at night, they use red lights. I was driving the ship and concentrating on keeping the ship at the right degree, as the ocean pushed us back and forth. On the bridge wing someone started screaming about a gas cloud. I'm not entirely sure how it could be seen. Gas clouds kinda need light to be seen. What happened next was more screaming on the wing that shifted from words to something more guttural. I didn't realize he turned into a zombie until he ran inside the bridge and started chewing on the officer of the deck. At this time my supervisor grabbed me and pulled me below deck. We navigated the narrow corridors under the red light until we found the Operations Center compartment. Blood and people chunks were everywhere. The compartment was a mess. My supervisor was known for a really rough voice that kinda sounded like a mumble and a groan at the same time. We made fun of him because we could barely understand what he was saying most of the time. He said I should stay in the compartment while he went in search of others. I asked him why he wanted to go alone and he said, "I Frownd Like oner of therm! I'll brend In! Errr argggr" He was gone for a long time. I remember losing hope and trying to find a place to sleep and then I woke up!

Here is my analysis of his dream:

You are driving a ship: a ship usually symbolizes being ready to confront your emotions head on. Seeing the gas cloud in your dream can mean anger or that you just have a clouded way of thinking. When you see a zombie in your dream and are being attacked by one that can mean that you are feeling overpowered by forces that are beyond your control and are under tremendous stress. A zombie can also represent detachment from human emotions. I have also been told that there is a possibility of zombies coming to life due to chemical consumption. A lot of ships do carry chemical hazards that possibly can cause brain damage, leading to zombie like behavior. Possibility maybe?

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