Friday, March 28, 2014

Duel -1971

You cross me..I cross you right back. Keep in mind, I am behind the wheel and I have my eyes on you..

What do you do when a psychopath operating a gargantuan 1955 Peterbilt 281 tanker truck is ready to run you down on a desolate highway? Better question may be, what do you do when you can't even figure out what you did wrong to cross the maniacal motorist?

The trio here is actually quite interesting. It consists of David Mann, an LA Electronics Salesman who is making a business road trip, an unfrequented highway, and a tanker truck. Though we never see the driver of the truck, we are certain of one thing; it's out for David's blood. The truck continues to stalk David, to the gas station, where David makes a phone call to his disgruntled wife who criticizes him for being so nonchalant about a friend of his who made a pass at her during a party, and is refused repair on his 1971 Plymouth Valiant, now leaving David distracted and more susceptible to being devoured by the evil tanker truck. Now it's back on the remote and desolate highway where the truck driver tricks David into a near fatal collision. Look please, whatever I did, I am truly sorry, but please just leave me alone! If this is some sick game to you, then you win. Just please don't kill me..This truck feeds on your fears. Did the highway know David had a business trip? Did it beckon to the truck? Either way now David is at the mercy of the truck and the game is far from over..Now the truck guns David down to the diner where David gets into a fight with someone he suspects may be the driver, only to realize that the driver was never at the diner. Now David is losing his mind. Then after he comes across a stranded school bus and tries to assist the driver, the truck attempts to push David's car onto the railroad track where a passing train is making its way. When David survives the attempt on his life, he drives to find Sally's Snakerama Gas Station to call the police, but the truck wasn't having it. Oh no no no no no...The truck veers right into the telephone booth and destroys the gas station where all the rattlesnakes and tarantulas escaped. Holy shit, this prick really hates me...Even an older couple refuse to assist him. What the hell is wrong with this town? As the chase continues, David's car overheats as now he is feeling the truck's wrath heading towards him. I am not going to let him win..David decides later on to drive toward the truck head on now showing him who is boss, only to jump out and let the truck hit the car, bursting into flames, and the truck falling off the edge of the cliff..Game over..

Now inquisitive minds want to know, WTF was all of that about? David drove onto a route of rejection it seemed. The maniacal truck driver wanted to turn him into road kill and nobody in town wanted to help him. Plus it is very evident there was trouble between him and the Mrs. Was it possible that he also could have been a ruthless salesman and that maybe his karma was just catching up to him? I mean the highway was desolate and just happened to be on the way of David's next business meeting. There he encounters a fate he will never forget; a 1955 Peterbilt 281 tanker truck. So what was it exactly that invited him to this doomed drive? The most important question of all was, who was behind the truck and why did he want to do away with David? And how did David end up winning in this chase? Either way, lesson to be learned on the road; the vehicle behind you has it's eyes on you..

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