Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sorrows Lake


Peter Foster was a young and handsome County Police Officer in the small town of Hazard Falls. He was 31 and married to his high school sweetheart, Crista. She was a young homemaker who tended to the typical household duties, cooking, cleaning, paying the bills, etc. She was pretty with a wholesome girl next door look. Opposites definitely attracted with the couple; Peter was often loud, outspoken and blunt and always said whatever was on his mind without editing his words. Crista was of course, nothing like Peter. She was very mellow and quiet, yet very sweet when spoken to. While Peter had many friends on the Police force and every week went out drinking with them, Crista kept to herself. She did not have many friends. In fact, she really never spoke to anybody including her own family. You would wonder why such a pretty, sweet, and innocent girl like Crista never interacted with anybody and just stayed confined to the house. Her whole life only revolved around Peter and what his needs were. You see, aside from Peter being loud and brash, he would also often come home late from work overly stressed out and when he was stressed out, he also got very physically abusive with Crista. He would blame it on a hard day at work, making frequent arrests, being reprimanded by the boss for a job not well done, etc. Either way, he terrorized Crista if she did so much as fold his socks wrong. 

***Full Story Coming Soon In Audio***

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