Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Dead End

Diane and Josephine were two lifelong friends whose favorite thing to do on Fridays late nights was taking a drive to Wolverton Hills.  Wolverton Hills was a lonely and secluded neighborhood if not a little eerie.  It was a fifteen minute drive from Brookside, the town they resided in. Diane and Josephine, both 35, pretty and divorced, drove to Wolverton Hills just to recap their hectic week and of course, have their heart to heart conversations about their ex-husbands, families, their past, present, and future.  From one personal diary to the next and the Dead End by Damascus Road was their spot. Wolverton Hills was a very quiet and creepy town and it felt like there were no signs of life there. The people there seemed very unwelcoming. Driving into the town felt like driving into a black hole that was ready to consume any life form that entered it. Damascus Road seemed like the darkest road of all that lead to the Dead End.  Despite how creepy it was, Diane and Josephine loved the adventure.

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The Dead End.

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