Friday, April 18, 2014

The Bed In The Basement Apartment

Frank Sumner, 33, was a young bachelor who moved into his new apartment in Floral Park. It was a basement apartment in a home which wasn't in the most tidiest or sanitary conditions and the Landlady was old,85, widowed and was a couple of cards short of a full deck mentally. In another words, she was strange. However, Frank needed his own space and found the ad online for a very cheap and affordable apartment. It was only $800 a month with utilities included. For the price it was, it was worth the compromise.

The first night Frank got settled in, he saw that the apartment was already furnished. Frank wanted his own bed and sofas, but he didn't have enough available funds at the moment and was still attempting to save up. Mrs. Woodward, the Landlady, was kind enough to let Frank use the old bed in the basement apartment. He noticed the bed was actually very appealing to look at and very comfortable. Even though the upstairs part of the house was run down and had a strange odor to it, the basement was actually immaculate. Maybe Mrs. Woodward rents out often, Frank wondered. "Your room has been waiting for you", Mrs. Woodward said with a warm smile. Frank smiled back. Maybe I can get used to this, after all it's only a year stay, Frank thought to himself. "Thank you, Mrs. Woodward. I think I will call it a night and sleep in my new bed", he said. And after a long day of moving and unpacking, he did just that. He slept in the bed in the basement apartment.

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