Sunday, April 13, 2014

Dream Interpretation

Izombiheartzoey who writes for, shared another one of his peculiar dreams for me to interpret. To inform everybody, I am not a certified Dream Interpreter, my analysis is based on research and opinion. 


I had a dream a couple weeks ago where I was at the office that works as the home base for most of my community organizing work at the moment. I was standing inside the office, but the office had a different shape. The first floor is more or less a rectangle and there is room for four desks, and a table. The building used to be a house and also has a kitchen in this room. On the walls are a couple posters of important leaders in Mexican history. Anyway, I was standing facing my previous supervisor, but instead of being in the office I was in a long white hallway. None the less it felt like I was in that room. He was telling me that he stopped reading my weekly reports several months ago because he felt my work ceased to matter to him. I respect the guy, and not reading my reports is totally out of character for the kind of guy he is. I responded by calling him a coward, and suggested that if he isn't keeping track of someone as important as me, then I suspect that he is abandoning other important people. At the end I felt very satisfied about what I said, and he told me he made a mistake. At the end, was overcome with the realization that I was in a long white hallway, and it felt like I was in the office, but the room didn't have the same psychical proportions of the office. 


The frightening part of this dream is the unfamiliarity. The office, the typical work setting in which you frequent, now seems foreign to you. You find yourself in a long hallway rather than in your Supervisor’s office while receiving a final judgment from him regarding your work. He had detached himself from you months ago it seems. So once your perception of him changes, so does his territory. The long hallway represents a new path in life.

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