Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Parallels Between Carrie (1976) and The Rage:Carrie 2

When I first found out that there would be a sequel to Carrie (1976), I don't know if anybody else was as eager as I was. When you watch a movie with that much of a profound impact on you, there is always that question of "is that all there is, I mean there has to be more"? When I saw The Rage:Carrie 2 in theaters, not only was I happy to see Amy Irving reprise her role as Sue Snell, the popular girl with a conscience who makes one final attempt to save Carrie, but I paid very close attention to other critical similarities between both movies.

Stating the very obvious, both Carrie and Rachel, who are half sisters sharing the same father, are possessed with a terrifying power called telekinesis. Crossing them would be a deadly mistake...

For every Chris Hargensen, the female ringleader of the "I Hate Carrie White" Fan Club, you have her male counterpart as well.


For each and every rare girl with a guilty conscience like Sue Snell, you have her equal. Both wish to right the wrong.

Of course the ring leader needs a puppet...


Though both mothers are different...they are the same..They are both CRAZY!!!

Now pay close attention to the similar "poses":


In the end...both heroes get one final shock...

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