Saturday, June 14, 2014

Firestarter - 1984

(Firestarter - 1984)

Here is a Father's Day love story for all you Daddy's Girls..

Daddy and daughter are both wanted by Government Agents. You see, after participating in a dangerous science experiment, Andy McGee develops the power to get people to do exactly what he wants. Vicky, his now wife, whom he met during the experiment, gained telepathy like qualities in which she can read minds.

Then they get married and there was Charlie McGee. Charlie is the most adorable little  spit fire whose temper tantrums you HAVE to cater to or else she will get heated...and when she gets can you!  Now this is all a result of one bad hallucinogen called LOT-6. Talk about a TRIP!!

Now the Government Agents called The Shop, are interested in this particular family. Vicky gets tortured and murdered by them, leaving Andy and Charlie to survive on their own. Now Daddy and Daughter are on the run.  You know the song from Paul McCartney and Wings, Band on the Run? I am sitting here singing in the same tune in my head, "Dad on the Run"...

The Shop won't give up. Nor do they ever learn...But don't worry.  There is a lot more where they came from..

Andy does everything in his power to protect the only thing that is sustaining his will to live and that is Charlie.  Charlie reciprocates. The Shop does everything in their power to separate them. But poor Charlie just wants to be normal like every other child. Instead of going to school, playing with Barbie Dolls, going to the park to play on swings, she has to spend her best moments of her childhood on the run always looking over her shoulder.  Is it fair to look at this adorable child as a mere experiment?  This is a typical example of how the ruthless Government plays God.  They are the greater of two evils..Are Andy and Charlie dangerous? Sure, they could be, but only when provoked.  So therefore, are their powers utilized as a form of survival instincts rather than terror? Maybe to us but to the Government, anything that is perceived as a threat to them must be eradicated off the face of the earth. And this was not by accident..It seems as though maybe Andy and Vicky McGee were somehow "destined" for doom the minute they decided to participate in that life altering experiment. Were they chosen? Either way, the side effects of LOT-6 were deadly, in one way or another. One student bled his eyes out. Andy and Vicky McGee just gave birth to a pyrokenetic baby.. Her life was destroyed the moment she was born. Her parents are not the ones to blame however, it is the Government...The ultimate destroyer of lives...The one good thing that might have come from this chaos is the ultimate bond between Daddy and Daughter.  The one love that can never be severed even in death. Andy too, in the end, falls prey to The Shop, leaving his pride and joy to survive on her matter what it takes...

The Shop learns the hard way...The bond between Daddy and Daughter is never to be compromised....

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