Monday, June 23, 2014

Seven Doors of Death..aka..The Beyond


What's behind Door No. 1? 2? 3? 4? 5? 6? 7? Is it a prize or punishment?....

One could only be so fortunate to inherit a hotel. And if it's your final chance at success, why turn down the offer? For Liza, that's exactly what it was. Her last chance at finally making something of her life. She inherits a seedy and dilapidated hotel from her late uncle. The same Seven Doors Hotel where a painter named Schweick, was brutally beaten and murdered by a lynch mob in 1927. He was believed to be a Satanist so they tore half his face with a brutal whip by a chain, crucified him in one of the rooms, and threw acid in his face. The lynch mob made one hell of a bad bad mistake...Because Schweick was not quite dead..Not in spirit anyway..

This hotel came with a package deal.."Extended Stay...At No Additional Cost". Amenities include:

- For your reading pleasure, a Book of Eibon, where the deadly prophecies of the Hotel are revealed. 

- A Construction Worker mysteriously falls and suffers severe injuries.

- Joe, the Plumber, at your service. He goes downstairs to take care of a serious flood from the celler, and a diabolical hand gouges his eye out. Hmm, now who do we call in such short notice?

- A Blind girl named Emily, with a German Shepherd, who knows more about the Hotel than she wishes she did. She just warns Liza that the Hotel is not safe and she needs to return back home. In this case, ignorance would have been bliss. Knowledge is deadly. Whatever you do, DO NOT enter room 36. That was Schweick's room. Emily touches Schweick's painting of the Sea of Darkness and her hands begin to bleed.

- A hospital near by is always critical. Just don't expect these doctors to be of any help. Mary Ann, Joe's wife, who is trying to dress her dead husband in the morgue, encounters a scalding fate. Her daughter, who is subdued with sadness, finds her mother showering in acid. Very similar to Schweick's fate.

Now Emily is forced to divulge the deadly secrets of the Hotel to Liza. Much against Emily's warning, Liza goes into Room 36 and discover's Schweick's crucified skeletal corpse. She screams and brings John to the room only to find nothing there. Even Emily is not existent.

- A local library that stores the Book of Eibon. Martin tries to obtain the book so he can find the hotel's blue prints.

Did you find what you were looking for?

-Martha, the hotel maid. She could have cleaned all the other rooms and stayed the hell out of Room 36. Now Joe the Plumber's corpse emerges from the bathtub and pays her time and a half on his own. Eye for an eye anyone??

- How could I ever leave out the wonderful hotel guests? Zombie versions of Schweick, Joe, Mary-Ann, Martin, Arthur, and Dickie, Emily's ever so loyal German Shepherd.

It's time for Emily to come back home. She begs them to leave her alone and commands Dickie to attack them. He does just that. But Emily still has to go home. Dickie mauls her too. So a dog isn't always a woman's best friend..

- A portal for the dead to invade the earth.

Ah how the mighty gates of Hell have opened. Liza and John make an attempt to escape but it's too late. The dead have already conquered.. Liza and John run to the hospital basement only to find themselves in a wasteland of the dead, devoid of light. Just darkness....

And the best amenity of them all....

- This is one hotel, you can never check out of..

Enjoy your stay!!

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