Friday, July 11, 2014

Beyond The Grave -(Porto Dos Mortos)- 2010

Picture a fighting match between The Officer vs.The Dark Rider, in a post-apocalyptic world as the arena. Your captive audience are the remaining few left on a wasteland that was once called Earth. And not to mention, some of the walking dead that now roam this wasteland...

Now that the gates of Hell have opened up, thanks to the diabolical Dark Rider, survival instinct comes back in full retreat. The Officer now only has two teenage lovers, a pregnant lady, and one man. Oh and a voice on the radio. It is an interesting wasteland in a way. It reminds me of a "Clint Eastwood meets The Walking Dead" scenario. Zombies in a Western Movie like frontier.. Now THAT is interesting..

When you reach Beyond The Grave, there will still be some goodness left in a world of evil. 

In a boxing match, Goodness Vs. Evil, who would win? 

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