Sunday, August 31, 2014

American Mary - 2012

Addictions derived from desperation is only skin deep..

You're an aspiring Surgeon and are in neck deep in student loan debt so what do you do in order to secure your aspirations? And let's just say by a strange twist of fate, a better and more lucrative not to mention easy opportunity awaits you? It would be the easiest money you'll ever make. The only thing it will cost you is your soul...

Mary Mason apparently can't budget to save her life or she wouldn't be on the brink of getting kicked out of Medical School. Dr. Alan Grant has had enough of her shenanigans. So now poor Mary is about to wake up from her dreams of becoming a Surgeon. She gets desperate. So she interviews for a job at a sleazy strip joint. Desperate times call for desperate measures aye? 

But the golden opportunity can find you when you least expect it. Kind of like true love. Billy, the strip club owner, leads Mary to the basement and there finds a man who has been tortured and needs saving. For $5,000 and a chance to stay in Med School, who cares if you trade your soul just for one day? It is just one day right? 

Then a coke head Betty Boop wannabee, who has money she can wipe her lipstick with, locates Mary and offers her $10,000 to perform surgery on her friend Ruby Realgirl. Ruby Realgirl wishes to have her body modified so she can resemble a living doll by having her nipples and labia removed. Hey, another extra $2,000 just for showing up at the clinic can't be so bad right? 

So now you can make all this fast and easy moolah with no license, internship or collegiate training, and you're still considering staying in Med School for another 100 years with a prick for an instructor??? Nah, fuck it! But Dr. Alan Grant wont hear of it. At a party for surgeons from the hospital, Dr. Grant drugs and rapes Mary. BIG MISTAKE ASSHOLE! 

Like I mentioned before, who needs Med School when you can make easy money performing Body Modification???

Mary's soul is dissipating rapidly...Before you know it, Mary is getting business left and right and a portfolio of Body Modification work is coming together.

And the addiction perpetuates..An addiction to achieve the desired physical results and the addiction to making fast and soulless dough. One superficial shallow habit supports the other. Beatrice calls Mary barely alive. She has been brutally stabbed by Ruby's husband who is enraged by her body transformation. He locates Mary and stabs her. She ends up killing him, but she too dies from internal bleeding. 

Where do we draw the line between desperation and depravity?? By the time we find the answer to that question, it may be too late..Just ask "Bloody" Mary here..

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