Thursday, August 28, 2014

Eaten Alive a.k.a. Horror Hotel (1977)


Welcome to the Horror Hotel. It's not exactly the Holiday Inn. Hell, I wouldn't even give this Hotel a 1/2 star rating, but for the morally depraved local call girl and a dysfunctional family, it might actually be just perfect. The owner is a tad bit titchy in the head but hey, he gives his guests a free of charge swim in the hotel's lake!

So what do Judd, the kooky hotel owner and Texan Joe Ball, The Butcher of Elmendorf share in common?  

Soooo, how about that midnight swim?

I'm so vile and ugly, you don't like me. Nobody likes me. It may seem that I hate you and that is why I want to kill you, but the truth is, I actually wish women like you gave me the time of day..

Wait one second? You are getting more action than me in my own hotel?

I don't think so....

I always end up getting more action than the next degenerate who stays at my hotel!

By the way, did I mention to you that there is no Check Out time at The Horror Hotel???

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