Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Hello? Hello? Is Anybody There?

Alyson Doyle, 27, was very close friends with Jason and Laura Morrison. She had been best friends with Laura since college and that is where Laura met Jason. Alyson was Laura’s maid of honor and her boyfriend at the time was Jason’s best man. They were destined to grow old as best friends.

For about a month, Jason and Laura were trying to renovate their home. They got even busier. Alyson did not want to impose by frequently going to their house so she kept her distance. They didn’t even speak on the phone. However, one month of not going to their house, eventually progressed into two months. Granted Alyson too was always preoccupied with work but she still always made time to see her two closest friends. Her two only real friends left. The older they got, the less friends they had. Everybody ended up doing their own thing. Alyson had moved back home to her parents house, which was only five minutes away from Jason and Laura’s house, so it was very convenient to see them frequently. Except she wasn’t seeing them much anymore and in a way, she began to feel isolated.

One day at work, Alyson’s cell phone started to act funny. She thought she heard a sound but the phone did not even ring. And she kept her phone on the counter so it’s not like it was a butt dial on her part. She took her phone out of the case and saw a “Missed Call” with Jason and Laura Morrison’s name and number on the Caller ID. That was odd, she thought. She called back the number but got no answer. And it was during the work day where she, Laura and Jason are all working. It wasn’t like them to call during work hours. Alyson shrugged it off thinking nothing of it.

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