Friday, August 15, 2014

Alice, Sweet Alice - aka Communion/Holy Terror - 1976

You've seen one bad seed, you've seen them all. Is that what Alice Spages really is though? 

Children have their own troubles, let's not forget, Jason, Freddy, Michael Myers, and the list goes on. At best, Alice was a shell of a young and pretty girl who played second fiddle to her sister Karen, who seems to be more favored by her mother Catherine, and Father Tom, who gives Karen his mother's crucifix, comes from a broken home, is despised by her aunt Annie, and a victim of Mr.Alphonso, the morbidly obese and grotesque landlord's perversion. The troubles are far from over.

An older sibling has the tendencies to terrorize their younger sibling right? I mean who am I of all people to deny that? Alice terrorizes Karen by taking her doll and ruining her Communion veil. It seems she is more favored by Catherine, than Alice. Karen would be extremely sorry, come Communion Day...

An esoteric individual with a translucent mask and rain coat, takes Karen from behind and strangles her. 

How could Alice be so evil? I mean I know from first hand experience what it's like to be the jealous older sibling, but never did I think, well let me strangle my younger brother and set him on fire...

Can we say "Holy smokes Batman"!.. No pun intended..

Dominick, or Dom, Catherine's ex-husband, is here in town to help track down the killer.Annie, Catherine's sister, tries to help her sister through her ordeal. She has a daughter Angela, whom we hardly see. Annie, despite her denial, loathes Alice. And Alice...oh dear sweet Alice, feels the contagious rejection. After the blowout, she goes to give the rent check to Mr. Alphonso, who tries to molest her. She ends up killing one of his cats. OK, so the telltale signs of a would be serial killer is the tendency to harm animals. That's how it starts after all. Why not chop the fat man's nuts off? That would be more justified for pedophiles right? 

Now if it wasn't for the big blowout between Annie and Alice, maybe this never would have happened..

Regardless of Annie's tantrums in the hospital, regarding Alice, Catherine refuses to believe her beloved daughter is capable of such harm. As a matter of fact, she accuses Annie of diverting the attention away from Angela, who was absent during the murder. Hey if my kid is bad, so is yours..

But looks like Annie got her wish, because now Alice..poor sweet Alice, is getting committed. When asked more than once during a polygraph text, if she knows who stabbed her aunt, Alice finally says "it was Karen". She flunks the "truth" test and eventually ends up smashing the machine. Looks like Alice won't be getting caught in any more lies for now...

Dominick gets a call from a hysterical Angela who has supposedly run away. He tries to track her down in an old abandoned building. There, he encounters the same esoteric figure in a mask and raincoat, and ends up getting stabbed and knocked out by a brick. The face behind the mask is revealed...

It is Mrs. Tredoni..Father Tom's Housekeeper!

She confesses she killed Karen because children always suffer for the sins of their parents. Catherine and Dominick engaged in pre-marital sex and conceived Alice and Karen. She was also the one to stab Annie, mistaking her for Catherine, who she deems a whore. After beating Dom with a rock, he bites off her crucifix, and she throws him out the window. 

So if murder was Karen's punishment, due to her parents' transgression, was Alice to be punished by looking like the evil culprit? So who framed Alice Spages? Why, Mrs. Tredoni did!

While examining Dominick's body, the pathologist finds a crucifix lodged down his throat. Alice gets released...

But is she devoid of resentment? Nope not really. She wears the infamous mask and rain coat, and brings a jar of hideous cockroaches to the even more hideous and passed out Mr. Alphonso. She places them on his belly for a good scare. As ugly as they are, cockroaches are harmless. Why couldn't she have used tarantulas instead?

He wakes up screaming attempting to go after Alice, when instead, he finds Mrs. Tredoni wearing the same mask and rain coat. She stabs his pedophile self to death. Finally a murder that was justified.

At last, during mass, everybody is to take a Communion wafer. Mrs. Tredoni is refused which infuriates her because Catherine, the "whore" was able to be given Communion. She stabs Father Tom to death and later embraces his bloody corpse. 

Alice, is left holding the bag with a bloody knife, still a shell of what could be, a vibrant happy girl.

How much could one child take??

So who framed Alice, Oh Sweet Alice?... 

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