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Interview with Chris Milewski - Filmiracle Productions

Violets Bloom At An Empty Grave - 2014

The Cold Eyes Of Death - 2013

A good majority of people who have an enormous love and respect for the Horror Genre, will always hold a special place in their hearts for the films of yesteryear. Today's Horror Films, while some may be good, just don't hold a candle to what was back then. I interviewed Chris Milewski, from Filmiracle Productions, a Film Production Company that specializes in short films that are inspired by the films from back then.

1) I would like to learn more about you and your projects. How you got started, etc.

C.M.: I'll be honest, I am not too keen on the big-budget Hollywood films. I am almost exclusively into Italian cinema of the 60s - 80s (horror, gialli, exploitation, spaghetti westerns) but that's not to say there aren't a few exceptions (Spain produced some wonderful films during the same time period!) Unfortunately, even the Italian films of today seem to lack the atmosphere of yesteryear so I figured I'd try my best to recapture that old spirit and produced two short films, The Cold Eyes of Death and Violets Bloom an an Empty Grave. Naturally, it would only make sense for me to have some Italians involved in the productions, so I hooked up with people like Fabio Frizzi, Franco Garofalo, Silvia Collatina, Giorgio Bertucelli for help! For me, it is a great honor to have their participation -- no matter how big or small their roles may be. The shorts produced thus far, have been well-received and liked... so now, we're working on some new stuff for the future!

2) You mention films of yesteryear. What are your feelings about Horror Movies today?

C.M.:Oh boy... I know this is a bit shallow, but very few films post-1990 interest me! Believe me, I appreciate the fact that there are many independent film-makers out there trying to do something, and I applaud their efforts, but they just don't interest me. Too many films today are, in my opinion, boring, unoriginal, and lack all-important atmosphere. Computers and technology have really spoiled today's film makers. It really is extremely easy to do anything these days. Just about all cameras take video, all computers come with video editing software, etc. Just about anyone can do it. Lighting, color, special effects, etc. can all be done with mouse clicks instead of taking time to set up and shoot a particular shot. Having said that, of course, I can't say that technology hasn't helped me tremendously with my projects ;)

3) So, how long did it take Filmiracle Productions to get off the ground?

C.M.:Filmiracle Productions is quite new and we're still working on trying to get our name and films out there! I wouldn't even say we're off the ground yet... for us, film making is a hobby! These days where film makers are a dime a dozen, it's difficult to spread the word without just blending in with everyone else. Hopefully the films we produce are enough to make us stand out and carry us along!

4) What is your vision for Filmiracle Productions?

C.M.:It is my goal to continue producing short films. I wouldn't mind getting into full length feature films, but at this time, it simply can't happen. Time, money, reliable people, etc. It's a hard thing to juggle. As I mentioned before, for us, this is a hobby more than anything! We just create these films as horror fans for other horror fans in the world (hence we offer them for free online viewing and download!) It's all money out of our own pockets, but I wouldn't mind making a little money to support future projects.

5) I am a big fan of Italian Horror. Your films seem to capture the very same feel from a Lucio Fulci film. What are your favorite Fulci films?

C.M.:I am very happy to hear that you think I capture the same feel as a Fulci film! It's the ultimate compliment! I love Lucio Fulci's works from his comedies, gialli, westerns, post-apocalyptic, to his horror! I feel he excelled in the horror genre! My favorite films of his would be City of the Living Dead, The Beyond, Door to Silence, Conquest, A Lizard in a Woman's Skin, and New Gladiators.

6) Lucio Fulci was known as one of the Godfathers of Gore. Ain't that the truth? LOL.

C.M.:Of course! Yeah, the special effects were cheesy and generally looked pretty bad, but I love them! Personally though, I am more impressed with the atmosphere he was able to create with great direction, cinematography, and of course, in some of his horror films, music -- thanks to Fabio Frizzi who I've been honored to have score our first two short films!

7) Do you also follow Dario Argento's work? If so, what are your favorite Argento films?

C.M.:I do enjoy Argento's works as well, such as Suspiria, but there are many other great Italian directors (who dabbled in horror/gialli) as well! Some of my favorites being Joe D'Amato, Bruno Mattei, Sergio Martino, Umberto Lenzi, Giulio Questi, Luciano Ercoli, etc. etc. as well as some lesser known directors that deserve some more recognition... like Angelo Pannaccio and Mario Imperoli! I'm a big fan of those trashy low-budget films that are only available now a days in 50th generation VHS quality!

8) So with the great two brief films you made, you will be surprising us with more right?

C.M.:I hope so! There are currently a couple of projects in pre-production, but as to when they may go be finished... time shall tell! One is a straight forward horror film, but the other one is a farce of sorts (yes, yes, with Italian flavor of course!) I hope that you'll enjoy them as well once they're completed!

9) So, in closing, I would like to thank you once again for your time =) I am definitely looking forward to your next film!

C.M.:Thanks for the interview! Filmiracle Productions really appreciates your support and I'll personally tell you that it makes me feel great that you enjoy our films! Best of luck to you with Nightmare Nook!

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