Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Craft (1996)

Woo Hoo...Witchy Woman...See how high she flies....Woo Hoo Witchy Woman...She's got the moon in her eyes...

North, East, West, South. The coven is comprised of four directions. One needs the other. One cannot betray her coven or else she could end up no better than the witches who died at the mercy of the Salem Witch Trials. 

If we all had the power of black magic, can you imagine what we would be able to do with it? Change our eye color? Hair? Make some testosterone incapacitated jock fall in love with us only to end up with his head splattered on the cement once he crosses us? Make a bleach blonde racist bitch's hair fall out? Give a morally inept stepfather a heart attack? Ok, you get the picture.. But just like the Wizard of Oz, there is a good witch and an evil one.

Nancy, the white trash leader of the circle, who terrorizes anybody with one blank stare, takes the power of her spells to a dark and morbid place. Bonnie who suffers from body image issues due to intense burnt scarring and Rochelle, a victim of a Barbie wannabee's racist verbal hate crimes, are Nancy's puppets at best. Sarah, the new girl, who is a natural born witch, though doesn't know it right away, and suffers from poor self esteem due to her mother dying while giving birth to her, is of course, the witch with a conscience.

Woooaahhh K...So we see that Linda Blair must have trained her well..But either way, Nancy abused what her Higher Power had given her. While her puppets, Bonnie and Rochelle are leashed along, Sarah binds Nancy from doing harm to others as well as herself. Looks like Sarah is on her way out of the circle. Again, what happens to a witch who betrays her coven? And who is really betraying who here? The Good Witch with a Conscience? Or The Evil Witch with the intent to kill hence disintegrating the rest of the circle? Well everybody, welcome to the Witching Hour!

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