Tuesday, October 21, 2014

All Of A Sudden, Something Didn't Feel Right...

It was dark. Pitch dark. No lit street lamps. The rain was pouring down like needles from the sky. It was right on Gretchen Street, off the main desolate highway. Mason was driving to the local 24-7 Food Mart for a cup of coffee. It was 11:40 A.M. The rainstorm was so fierce, Mason's visibility was greatly reduced. Situations like this would call for some music. He turned on his car radio, but music didn't come out. Instead, it was a voice that sounded like a garbled news report.

All of a sudden, Mason's 2012 Toyota Camry stops. The engine fizzled out. Mason tried to call the tow truck company, but his cell phone lost service. He tried to get out of the car. He figured he would walk to the Food Mart and get help from there, despite the bad storm. But he was locked in! The doors wouldn't open! A wave of unusual fear swept over Mason like a tidal wave. Oh my God, I am trapped inside, he thought. He looked at the rear view mirror and saw someone from afar but running towards the car. Oh good, help has arrived possibly. The  person wore black but the face could not be made out. But the person was running. And boy was he running. All of a sudden, Mason began to think that this was not help on it's way after all. The feeling consumed him. Something did not feel right. He wanted to actually scream... 

***Full Story Coming Soon In Audio***

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