Friday, October 17, 2014

The Twilight Zone - Death's Head Revisted (1961)

    (The Twilight Zone - Death's Head Revisted - 1961)

Look into those eyes and tell me what it is you see. It is not the look of love and empathy. It is a look of pain and suffering. YOUR pain and suffering. Your every cry is laughter in his heart. Your every scream is an orchestra of violins in his ears. Your death is his victory....

Mr. Schmidt, formerly known as Gunther Lutze in a previous lifetime, was a former captain in the SS. One day, he pays a visit to the Dachau concentration camp, which is now a a desolate and tragic memory of the horrors that occurred there during World War II. For Mr. Schmidt, it it was a place of nothing but happy memories for him. Innocent people were tortured, scalded, and mercilessly murdered by the hands of this sadist. But the ghosts of Dachau never sleep.. Nor do they forgive and forget...
Alfred Becker, one of Dachau's inmates, appear to Mr. Schmidt right before his eyes. He recites the cruel and inhumane acts that Mr. Schmidt committed. Although he did not realize immediately, Mr. Schmidt remembers that Alfred Becker was dead..

Dachau is a place where the souls of the tortured now beckon to the evil that walks with its head up high..
One man was so super inhuman to execute the orders delivered to him to eradicate the human race. Now it's Schmidt's turn. Alfred Becker and the other inmates sentence Schmidt to a trial for the crimes against humanity. 
I don't even want to imagine the pain you are going through. Hell will never be hot enough for you!

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