Sunday, December 14, 2014

It's A Good Life - The Twilight Zone (1961- Season 3, Episode 8)

                           (The Twilight Zone - It's A Good Life - 1961)

If there is a Heaven then there has to be Hell, and Hell has to have a guard. With a guard comes servants to execute its' dirty work. The Devil assigns a specific duty to the demons in Hell. They will be sent down to earth to destroy humanity. They will have to utilize different methods in different locations to do it but the end result will be the same. People will suffer. People will die. Anthony Fremont seemed to have the best task assigned to him. He resided in a little town in Ohio. This town did not exactly have fire and brimstone, just little freckle faced Anthony. Anthony could turn the small little town in Ohio into a Biblical Hell if he wanted to though. All you had to do was think negative thoughts about him and disapprove. You see, Anthony could read your mind a mile away. Your thoughts were never safe. He could set you on fire, take away your voice, turn you into a jack in the box, and well, you get the picture. This "boy" was cast from Hell and is ready to wipe you out...

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