Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Silver Bullet (1985)

The cycle of the moon changes. It goes from a crescent to a quarter, then all the way to a full moon. And when the moon is full, bad things happen. Some people are superstitious and blame crimes such as rape, robberies and murder on the full moon. Perhaps it's true. Nobody can say for sure. But all I can say is that when the full moon is out, be afraid..very afraid. 

There is a fear that spreads like an infection in the small quiet town of Tarker's Mills. A maniacal killer is on the loose and kills only when there is a full moon. Jane Coslaw and her handicapped brother Marty, who is confined in a wheelchair for life and is Jane's cross to bear, know that there is much more to the killer than the townsmen know or believe. This killer doesn't seem to have a motive. Just a very dangerous animal instinct. The town drunk get's decapitated and his head is run over by the train tracks. An unmarried and pregnant woman gets left by the father of her unborn baby and tries to take her own life, only to have the "killer" track her down and beat her to the chase. Or more like maul her to the chase. Marty's love interest's alcoholic father encounters the "killer" in his shed and is killed. Marty's best friend, Brady get's severed to pieces. And this is just to name a few incidents. But what human being can do all this and a lot more? Maybe it's not a human. Maybe it looks human during the daytime but transforms into something very monstrous at night. But who could it be? And why? The townsmen disgusted with Sheriff Joe Haller's unsuccessful attempts to stop the killer, make it a point to execute some "private justice". Reverend Lowe tries to interfere to put a stop to it but fails. What the townspeople did not know is that the killer too is looking to carry out some "private justice" of it's own. 

Marty's drunk uncle Red, and yes there are a lot of drunks we seem to be dealing with, stays with Marty and Jane much to their mother's dismay. He gives Marty a motorized wheel chair named The Silver Bullet. As Marty drives The Silver Bullet, he encounters the maniacal killer. But it wasn't a man. It was a werewolf! Marty shoots it in the eye with a firework and off he speeds away on the Silver Bullet. 

Where did the werewolf come from? Who was it's alter ego? Jane makes it a point to canvass the entire neighborhood to find a man with one missing eye. And look at who she finds..

Beware of wolves in priest's clothing.. 

Marty sends Reverend Werewolf a letter to let him know that his secret is out and to commit suicide. Reverend Werewolf chases Marty trying to run him and The Silver Bullet off the road and Marty finds himself trapped under a cross covered bridge. The Reverend walks over to the terrorized Marty justifying some of his murders. Westrum, the man who was decapitated in the beginning, was an alcoholic. Sturmfuller, Marty's love interest's father, was abusing his wife and daughter. Stella, the unmarried woman with the unborn child was going to commit suicide. Again, just to name a few. Technically, your local Reverend was carrying out his "Fatherly" duties by saving these low lives from eternal damnation. So for that you take it upon yourself to play vigilante and attempt to do away with him?

Uncle Red has just about heard enough until he finds the blue paint marks on The Silver Bullet. The blue paint matches the color of Revered Werewolf's car. Red goes to Sheriff Haller. 

Now that the law has been killed, it's up to Jane and Marty to stop Reverend Werewolf. They go to a local gunsmith and transform their jewelry into a silver bullet. The silver bullet will destroy the cycle of the werewolf once and for all.

Dear God Almighty.....Reverend Werewolf is dead.. The cycle of the werewolf is over..

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