Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Complex Curse...Was The Swimming Pool at "Melrose Place" Possessed?

Ahh, the memories never fade away. There will always be a special place in my heart for the soap operas of my time. From lovers to cheaters, cat-fights to murder, and all the other real life, over the top scenarios that qualify for a good soap opera. Every soap opera also has an element of Horror to it which makes it even more thrilling to watch. It is of course what you make it. Melrose Place sure had its' moments..

When the tenants moved to this gorgeous complex, they were all normal. They were innocent. They were fun-loving. It was roses and sunshine. It lacked the drama we all try to avoid in reality. But slowly but surely, things started to change. Things out of the ordinary started to take place. 

That is just a sneak preview of what your Tenant Lease Agreement conveniently excludes. But one has to wonder, what caused the drastic changes? Yes people do change in real life but not a total 180 here! Was it the pool? Did the Melrose Place pool have some kind of evil spirit floating in it? You take one dip and you have now entered "The Melrose Zone". 

It's been nice knowin' ya neighbor!!

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