Saturday, January 17, 2015

Bullying : The Ugliest Gremlin Of All

Bullying is a social epidemic that exists everywhere; in schools, the workplace, at home, etc. Why does it exist and can it be stopped? Well as long as there are human beings occupying this earth, there will be a fair share of the rotten apples. People bully for many reasons. Jealousy, arrogance, insecurity, a need for power and control, or familial abuse. What damage does it do to the victim of this ugly kind of social abuse? It deteriorates the sense of self and well being. The damage is irrepairable. The bully makes the victim feel ugly and worthless when he/she is the one who is ugly and worthless deep down. Let's shed some "bright light" on Bullying...

The true face of Bullying:

And the face of the victim:

If you can compare bullying to the pictures shown above, would you ever thing about doing it?  I sure hope not.

Weather it be physical or verbal, Bullying hurts, it kills, and needs to be stopped. Say NO to BULLYING!

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