Monday, February 16, 2015

More Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark: The Drum - Written By Alvin Schwartz

Well well..just a typical case of the Brat Syndrome. I suppose as children, no matter how we are being brought up, there will always be that little carrot dangling in front of our eyes that will take precedence over parental discipline. In the case of Dolores and Sandra, the two sisters, it was a drum that was owned by some eccentric gypsy girl. The sisters begged for the gypsy girl to give them the drum and she says yes. The catch is that the two girls have to misbehave at home. So they did and they did. They did everything they could to make their poor mother cry. Their mother gave them fair warning each day they disobeyed the rules, that she will be replaced with a new mother with glass eyes and a wooden tail. OK, how many times have you heard this threat as a child? Well, I've never been threatened with anything as severe as that and even if I was, it's not like I'd ever believe it...

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If I did not know better, I'd say that this particular drum had some kind of evil spell attached to it. I honestly can only imagine the fear and the anxiety that these two girls were feeling...

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