Friday, February 20, 2015

The Omen (1976) - Why Katherine Thorn Was A Tragic Figure

On the 6th day, the 6th month, and the 6th hour, a mark was cast on the world. A beautiful baby boy entered the lives of Robert and Katherine Thorn, in lieu of the "stillborn" baby Katherine bore. Motherhood is a calling for most women. But for Katherine, it was Hell on a tricycle..For slowly but surely, her pride and joy was preying on every mother's worst fear...And she got the brunt of it..
And it saddens me. It really does. Because on the surface, Katherine is a lovely woman who is married to a handsome Ambassador, lives in the lap of luxury, and is able to afford a full-time Nanny. Plus she lives in a Victorian house. But in life, not everything is portrait perfect now is it? Because there is always a catch. But this catch was just wrong and tragic in so many ways. My heart aches every time I see her. Her emotional security slowly but surely depletes and the undying devotion she receives from Robert, as touching as it seems, only seems to exacerbate the heartbreak. How do you explain to your husband that something is just not "right" with your child? And just think about your own mother and the sacrifices she made when she brought you into this world. Her pain and suffering is your pain and suffering and vica versa. Why I ask? Just why? Why her? How could any child do such monstrous things to his own mother? But of course, Damien Thorn is not really a human child now is he? 

A child is a mother's cross to bear at pun intended..After seeing that something is not "right" with Damien, she reveals to Robert that she is pregnant but wants an abortion. Robert does not want to agree to it. But the fate of his unborn child does not reside in his own hands..

I guess it's never easy to come to terms with the fact that your "son" is the Spawn of Satan. From a biological child that was murdered for the sake of the Antichrist to this heinous death, please tell me how much can a woman take?

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