Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Twilight Zone - The Masks (1964)

What you harbor on the inside always manifests itself on the outside. True beauty will always come through no matter how you look on the outside and it will grow on others. But ugliness is irreversible. All the cosmetics in the world won't make a difference when inside you are vain, shallow, selfish, apathetic, greedy, conniving, etc.etc.etc.....


Hey, I got a perfect idea for a superb Halloween costume. Just be yourself. It will frighten others. But wait, you do that every single day. You don shear ugliness 24-7. But what if there was a mask made especially for you and what you truly are? Ah, those who are initially blinded by you and what you present yourself to be, don't see your true face until it's much too late. 

Wealthy and very much on the end of his rope, Jason Foster coerces his own children to see who they truly are via masks made especially for them. Way to celebrate Mardi Gras weekend! Each of his greedy heirs have to wear masks all day long or else they will be severed from their father's fortune. 

One heir is over dramatic yet conniving. Another only abides by the almighty dollar. The others are comprised of sociopath like tendencies and vanity. So it's time now to remove their masks so they could see what Jason Foster has been seeing all along. He is about to die and his final wish is now to be fulfilled. 

Your father always said that without your masks, you are nothing but caricatures..

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