Thursday, September 17, 2015

Jennifer's Body (2009)

Oh oh here she comes
Watch out boy she'll chew you up
Oh oh here she comes
She's a maneater.... - Hall and Oats (Maneater)

That is typical of one of the hottest girls in school right? They think they harbor all the power in the world especially right between their legs. But Jennifer, as crass as she is, is far more deadly. While not so innocent at one point, she was sorta normal. All of that until she decides to play "groupie" to a certain kind of rock band after a malicious fire breaks out in the club. 

Jenny, I've got your number...I need to make you mine...

And then you have her plain Jane best friend, Needy.

Wow what a contrast! Prim and Proper Needy and Crass As Hell Jennifer. You see, I was brought up to be lady like, even though I do swear like a sailor. Although, some words don't leave my mouth. Jennifer says and does just about anything. And yet, in her once sorta normal form, her human body is sacrificed in the woods by the band members, whom are under the impression she's a virgin. SSSHHHHEEAAA RIGHT!!! Some occult power you've got. Is anybody seriously supposed to believe that Jennifer of all people has never engaged in sex??? Talk about a non-virgin sacrifice!

And what becomes of Jennifer is worse than being the biggest slut in school. Even though she still preys on boys mostly. 

Yes, Jennifer is anything but lady like. Both pre and post demonic form, she is someone you need to take in extremely small doses. One way or another, she will prey on you. She is definitely not the kind of girl you can bring home to your mommy and daddy because she's the very type they warned you about. She's got the face of an angel but she is the devil inside. Well I wouldn't even say she's got the face of an angel. She's got that natural seductive and devilish look in her eyes when in human form too. It is definitely a look you cannot trust. 

In occult terminology, there is a word called succubus. A succubus is a female demon that assumes a woman's form and seduces men. Repeated sexual activity with a succubus may result in deterioration of health or death. 

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