Sunday, September 20, 2015

Black Sunday (1960)

What happens when a witch is accused of witchcraft? She is burnt to the stake. During the infamous Salem Witch Trials, all one had to do was wrongfully accuse a woman of witchcraft and she'd be executed. 

I will never know what truly makes a witch. Some believe you have to be born one. Others may take a liking and fascination to the Black Arts. Black Magic is the obvious evil kind unlike White Magic. There was this girl I knew in High School who brought all these books on Witchcraft and magic. She tried to convince me that she put relationship spells on people. She had also said that she thought so hard about changing her eye color that it actually turned green. But you can do that with contacts. As a little girl, I told people I believed in witches, the ones that fly on broomsticks obviously. I got teased for that. Now I can safely back up my claim that witches do exist, just not the ones that fly. 

When Princess Asa, the evil satanic witch, comes back for revenge 2 centuries later, she is famished and needs the body of young Princess Katia to live again. 

Darkness vs. Light. All in all, the evil preys on the innocent for survival. 

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