Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Fog (1980)

Watch out. There is something flying over ocean waters. On the eve of Antonio Bay's centennial, a vengeful force will crash the celebration. And the weather forecast for that night is misty and foggy. 


The fog will blind you. The fog will interfere. The fog is very malevolent. It is out so seek retribution for the crimes of the town's founding fathers. 100 years ago, a wealthy leper named Blake sailed on his ship, Elizabeth Dane, with his people to form a leper colony. However, while sailing though a very thick fog, an "accident" occurred. A very fatal one. With that fatality came the birth of Antonio Bay through gold treasure found on the ship. What better time to show up than now, on the 100th year anniversary?

Ain't that the truth? What you are blinded by the most will end up killing you. You can prepare for a hurricane, just stay away from the water. You can prepare for a blizzard, just stock up on food and stay warm. But you can't prepare for a fog for you don't know what's hiding inside it..

And that is our weather forecast for now. Stay tuned if you can stay alive that is..

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