Sunday, November 15, 2015

Horror Vacation Story - What's The Worst That Can Happen?

OK guys, this incident never happened to me personally, but I am pretty damn sure this does happen on vacation from time to time. But during a vacation with your family, it's all about having fun and relaxing. It's just a couple of days out of life. No work, business, drama, school, etc. to worry about for just a couple of days. No HORROR of reality to deal with right? So a certain case scenario, when you are in Las Vegas or Atlantic City, a city of lights and of course free money, what do you decide to do? Take a chance to win that $50K to pay off car loans, mortgage, etc. Maybe even go into a temporary retirement if you have winner's luck. But you know the saying to abide by, it takes money to make money.

So you are in a city of chance, what is the most HORRIFYING thing that can happen aside from losing several rounds of Black Jack and Craps?

NOOOOO, NOOOOOO, this is a nightmare. I am dreaming that's all. When I wake up, none of this would have happened. There will still be money in the bank...OK, let me pinch myself hard to make sure that this is just a really bad nightmare....


I think vacationing at Camp Crystal Lake might have been a better bet...No pun intended.....

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