Thursday, November 19, 2015

Witchboard (1986)

I have to really wonder what Parker Brothers were thinking when they made this game. There are so many stories and misnomers surrounding this so called "talking board". There is evidently a spirit attached to the board, though I'd like to call it more of a gateway for demons to enter our earthly realm from either Limbo or Hell. Some people believe and some may not. It's just a matter of fun filled entertainment for those who may believe but don't consider the consequences...

When I was little, maybe 5th grade, my friends and I were so intrigued by the Ouija Board that we decided to construct one out of cardboard just for shits and kicks. We didn't have an actual planchette so we took one of those clear bubble containers from the vending machines to use instead. The other players denied they were moving the bubble around. We became so obsessed with it that we even brought it to Sunday School to play afterwards. My friend's highly over melodramatic cousin at the time tried to contact the spirit of her grandfather whom she had never even met and the game went from intriguing and scary to over dramatic if not hysterical.

Needless to say, I've never been haunted nor possessed since, but I personally will never buy a Ouija Board. I don't even think Toys 'R' Us should sell them. If you let children believe that board games can speak, then you might as well convince them that Barbie Dolls can too. After all, kids communicate with their toys, and kids can be very daring so they will most likely be curious and take interest in playing the Ouija Board only to abuse it. It's not just kids however that would abuse this "talking board"...

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