Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Twilight Zone - The Lateness Of The Hour (1960)

As parents it is very natural to want not only the best for your child, but to shield them from harm that only the outside world is prone to. Sometimes it is very overbearing. It is just too much. Too much that it's stifling. The love of a mother and father can be just that. You build a sanctuary for your own flesh and blood which you love to call home. In that very own sanctuary is safety and security. You will never have to worry about anything. No diseases. No poverty. You don't have to work. You will never be burdened with responsibility. And that is the way your mother and father want it. In their little sanctuary all the security and pleasure is handed to them. Free massages. Someone lighting a pipe for you whenever you like. It's a good life isn't it. A good redundant life.. It is almost as though this life was "made" for you.

What I would do to just walk outside and feel the rain drops pelting at my skin. I would love to walk through a puddle. I'd love to dance in the rain. I would love my designer clothes to get spoiled and wet. How I would love to just live..

And this life was "made" for you. You see, your father's servant, butler, maid, etc. are all just robots. He gave them life. Him and your mother could not have children, so they made you as well..

In the mind of parents, everything they do is for the benefit of their own children. But children don't see it that way. What kind of life would it be to never work? To never fall in love? Or even experience heartbreak? To experience no pain at all? Is that a life at all? Parents may have their hearts in the right places and that we can never take away from them, but to shelter your child and control their every move is not an act of love. It's an act of REALLY bad OCD. I have two parents myself and growing up they were very over protective of me, but hell, I could still work, I could go to school, though I couldn't date, but still did anyway =P. 

Poor little Jana's father "made" her too. He is a FrankenFather. And when she tries to leave......

Why Frankenfather won't hear of it....

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