Saturday, February 20, 2016

Unfriended (2015) - At What Point Do You Realize It Is Not Just Another Internet Troll?

Unfriended. Blocked. The biggest F**K YOU to somebody is to "unfriend" them on Social Media. I know because I have been "unfriended" and I have "unfriended" people. Some people carried a virus in their Messenger PMs. Sometimes, however, what you think is a virus, can also be a demon...

A demon who is back to haunt old friends on Social Media. Skype, Facebook, or what have you, has become a Social Graveyard. 

Laura Barnes gets hammered at a party and passes out, lying in a pool of her own menstrual blood and fecal matter. And it's on YouTube! Not even a week goes by and Laura commits suicide. A year later, Blaire, who was once very close to Laura, and her friends, get terrorized online by an internet demon. This demon is Laura's vengeful spirit seeking retribution for her suicide. Somebody uploaded the video on YouTube and they have to fess up, because this demon will not rest in peace until the perpetrators do time for their crime. You cheated on your boyfriend Blaire, but does he know? Oh he doesn't, well OK then. Videos don't lie do they? You should know. Jess, you spread rumors about Blaire having an eating disorder? Some friend you are. Adam, you slipped a mickey into a classmate's drink at a party, raped her then made her get an abortion. Oh boy, Hell will be kept blazing hot for you. And these are only a few things. This demon knows it all. She has seen it from a distance. And your souls will be tormented until you die, which won't be too long...

Moral of the story is that there are no morals involved. Any kind of bullying and abuse comes from a lack of moral judgement and character. Yes at times you may be misunderstood, but it does not excuse it. Cyber Bullying and bullying in general, is all too common and isn't just done on social media but in chat rooms, text messages, etc. I have been through it myself and people shrug it off and say "just block them". As simple as it sounds, the emotional and mental agony does not end by just simply blocking the Cyber Bully. If somebody behind the computer screen tells you to simply "go kill yourself", as a vulnerable victim, what would you do? When I was younger, I remember receiving threats, being verbally abused, and mostly by people I knew. There was this one time when I was in a chat room, and a pervert threatened to come find me and slit my throat, but I assumed he was just a kook. Although, it really scared the shit out of me just to read it typed back at me. We teach our children not to ever mistreat or bully another human being because they are human, have feelings and it will stay with them for the rest of their lives. The ones that resort to bullying makes me question who their parents are more than it makes me question them. Remember in the Breakfast Club, Judd Nelson's character, whose primary home was Detention, was a Grade A Bully? And why? Because, he was being abused at home. It explains the mindset of the bully but still does not excuse the behavior. A bigger and better person may understand and even possibly forgive when they hear the bully's point of view, but unfortunately, the emotional scarring has been done. But what excuse do Laura Barnes' peers have? Just a "harmless" prank? Just thought maybe it would be funny to record your own friend lying drunk and unconscious covered with her own period blood and shit, and then upload it to YouTube? I get it, teenagers are teenagers. They don't understand the repercussions of their own actions. In a way, as much as I am dependent on Social Media, it may be partially to blame. It has become a secondary addiction. Everything is done nowadays via text, Face Time, Skype, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Back in my time it was Prodigy, AOL, MSN, then MySpace, before Facebook and the rest. It was an addiction parents back in the day could not comprehend. Now parents themselves do it! It's our link to the outside world but hardly a safe one. With cyber bullying in existence, it will never be 100% safe. 

Let this be a lesson to you. Bullying hurts. Bullying kills. Bullying is NOT OK!!!

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