Friday, April 1, 2016

Carrie (1976) - Was Principle Morton An Undercover Bully?

Sometimes you really have to take offense when people mispronounce your name without making a single effort to get it right. People do it to me constantly, but my name only has two friggin' syllables! It may not be a name you hear every single day but still with a little effort you can still get it right. But for those who don't wish to make the effort, I just tell them, "Call me Sunny. That is my nickname from childhood". And even THAT, if people don't mispronounce, they friggin' spell it wrong! They spell it as "Sonny". How do you not take offense to that?

NOW, here is the biggest issue. A teacher and principle is SUPPOSED to know your name! They grade you, they fill out your admission and dismissal slips, and administer detention if you need it. Following poor Carrie White's traumatic shower experience, she gets sent in to Principal Morton's office to be dismissed.

He keeps getting "Carrie" and "Cassie" confused. After gym teacher Mrs. Collins corrected him too, he continues to get it wrong.

"Come in Cassie"..

Carrie, who is all shook up, distraught, humiliated, and is already able to levitate objects with her mind when provoked, tries to correct him as well. "It's Carrie"....

"We are all sorry about this Cassie".

We get it, the principal is a man, he has no idea what Carrie has been through, I mean he's never had to deal with getting his first period. But how the hell did you become the principal if you cannot listen the first time, it is NOT CASSIE, it's CARRIE!!!!

Maybe the principal himself has had very bad encounters with Margaret White during parent-teacher nights and secretly sides with the bullies? Either way, he too, learns the hard way, when Carrie NOT Cassie, fries his entire school on Prom Night.

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