Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Return To Sleepaway Camp (2008) - The Bullied Bully

Ahhh, Sleepaway Camp..The fond memories of Camp Arawak where over 25 years ago, a grisly killing spree took place. Angela Baker was the pretty, shy, and timid and bullied teen, whose triggers went off like a bomb. And the result of being bullied? Well...we already know..

Now over 20 years later, the old camp grounds are now called Camp Manabe. Camp is a second home to some. I suppose it is in your blood.  Literally. I can't imagine how though. I mean having to share the same bathroom with a bunch of other people in your own bunk, eating fried food every single day, and of course you don't know whose filthy snot picking hands are touching your food. I guess this is one of the reasons I myself never wanted to go to camp. My brother did and he too complained about the food. And now there is a new scapegoat in camp.

Meet Alan. The bullied bully. He gets picked on like clockwork. But he does the picking himself. Many times he even provokes it.


The counselors make fun of him. The kids make fun of him. His step brother makes fun of him. He gets conned into smoking a blunt filled with cow dung, He gets assaulted by eggs. He gets thrown in the water. He gets lured by a girl that he is crushing on to go backstage in the dark to play Spin The Bottle, only to get assaulted again and stripped down to his undies. And that is just to name a few. But he apparently likes it because he calls it upon himself. He thinks it's a form of acceptance maybe.

But then....

Bad things start to happen. Really bad things. People start getting killed again. And now Alan is the culprit and some of the old Sleepaway Camp gang reunite to find out if maybe Angela is somehow tied to the murders...

Check out the grisly deaths of Camp Manabe right here, by clicking this link, Camp Manabe Deaths.

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