Saturday, April 16, 2016

Chucky Vs. Gage - Who Would You Rather Play With?

Ahh, this is a tough one...

Little Gage Creed is still oh so adorable after he has been resurrected by The Pet Sematary. But he is still a tragic being. I won't lie, I do get very emotional every time I see the Orinco Truck scene, but then again who wouldn't be? Once Gage comes back, all he wants to do is "play"...

But what we really need is a friend. A real friend. A "friend 'till the end"....

Rulers hurt but scalpels kill... But Gage is so insanely cute and Chucky is just a potty mouth..

I guess I made my decision on who I'd rather "play" with. Have you???

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