Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Flowers In The Attic (1987)

Love. Betrayal. Jealousy. Incest. Anger. Vanity. Merciless. Resentment. Greed. Deep Secrets. Dirty Lies. Torture. Murder. Sacrifice. Despair. 

Just like beauty fades out and dries up, so does wealth. Especially when you have no means of work or skills that you can apply. Your only skill is being a pretty face.

Keep it in the family they say. True horror is always sick, convoluted, devoid of love, nurturing and mercy. There may be no limits to love, even with your own flesh and blood, but a certain line must never be crossed. I have known mothers who are personally very jealous of their own daughters especially when the father gives the daughter preferential treatment over his wife. It is very Freudian. Is it wrong? Sure. Is it normal? That point can be argued by most Psychologists. Daughters too try their hardest to emulate their own mothers.

It can go far. Very far. To the point where if children who are conceived from incest, can be wiped off by the mother's lack of love and greed. Trying to win back a dying father's love just to inherit his fortune and finally be able to take care of your children after losing your husband, sounds like a plan but not without a selfish agenda. 

Sometimes, all you have is each other. You are locked up in shame. You have no access to the outside world. So what can you do? Who do you turn to? 

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