Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Home Movie (2008) - Video Documented Odd Child Behavior

Jack and Emily have their own show. It's not The Brady Bunch. It's not Leave It To Beaver. It is The Jack and Emily Show! It is produced and directed by a pair of ten year old twins but Parental Discretion is still advised. And there is an added benefit. YOU will be the next guest star! The Jack And Emily Show....I kinda like the sound of that...

In this Home Movie, you have a Mommy and a Daddy who reside with their precious twins in Upstate NY.  It is David, Clare, Jack and Emily. David and Clare seem to have a happy marriage on the surface. Jack and Emily are in their own little world as most kids are. But it is a very dark world filled with extreme child oddities. Sometimes kids can have imaginary friends. It can be due to loneliness. Sometimes kids talk to their dolls, which is common. But is there ever such a thing as too lonely? As parents, what are the signs we are overlooking in our children's odd behavior? Jefferey Dahmer used to be a loner who started off by torturing small animals. Wasn't that a telltale sign his parents overlooked? Jesse Pomeroy was a child serial killer who also was born into a lonely and violent existence. His defected one eye frightened others and pushed them far away from him. To retaliate, he went on a child killing spree. Parents overlook the basic telltale signs because obviously no parent wants to face the harsh reality that there is something mentally wrong with their child. Is there anything a parent can do though? How are they expected to understand? What can they possibly understand? Could it be their fault in some way? Are we creating our own monsters or are monsters just born the way they are? All children need is love and attention. I've personally known neglected and un-disciplined children who may not have the tendencies to kill, but when pushed too far, anything can happen. 

A child is so small and fragile, yet their dark and evil mind gives them this overpowering superhuman strength that can bind, gag, and kill you.

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