Monday, December 5, 2016

MGM - The Mean Girl Of The Moment Crown Goes To...

Drum Roll Please.......


Competitive Prom Queen runner up takes a bite out of her bitch pie. Mary Lou Maloney is the obvious MGM you guys might have been expecting, but that is too much of a given. Besides, the diabolical Prom Queen needs more competition not just for the crown but in the C U Next Tuesday department. And sure enough, the runner up is Kelly!

This desperate bitch feels she deserves to be on the highest pedestal. But what for? Who the Hell does Kelly think she is? Vicki at least was sweet and innocent, that is before Mary Lou took over her body and possessed her. But the Prom Queen should have class and grace. That is obviously something Kelly lacks big time..

To call this girl a threat is the biggest joke. Hell if my graduating class wanted trash to represent them at the Prom, then I'd lose respect for my class. Self respect is more important than a crown with fake diamonds. After poor Vicki loses her sanity, Kelly tries to move in straight for the kill. I guess that is how competition works. But if she was so sure she was going to win the crown on Prom Night, why did she feel the need to cheapen herself by giving head to horny Josh just to rig the ultimate Prom Queen vote? Whore at heart maybe????

Vicki won??!!!! You mean to tell me a virgin of all people conned me for a f*ckin' blow job???!!!

Fortunately for you, he actually liked it. Unfortunately for you, you will never see that he actually did plan on fixing the Prom Queen vote in your favor..

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