Saturday, December 10, 2016

The House That Dripped Blood - 1971

There is something about houses that reflect your psyche. It reacts to what you're thinking. It reacts to how you are feeling. It delves into your thoughts and subconscious. It knows who you are. Actually, the house is you. 

Method For Murder

A word of advice to all Horror Authors out there (ahem included):

Be careful what you write about. Be careful which character you create in your novel. A psychopathic killer can make you a lot of money, but you will never live to see a penny of it. Anything you say and create can and WILL be used against you. I guess it is true, somehow the characters you conceived of and gave life to, become a part of you. It may be a reflection of yourself..


Beautiful. Angelic. Pristine. Heavenly. Breathtaking. Sultry. Gorgeous. Glamorous. Luscious. Sensual. Sexy. Desirable. 

She was the love of your life in one lifetime or another. She was the love of everyone's life. 

A woman so beautiful ought to be preserved in all her radiance. But now it makes you wonder what or whom lies beneath all that wax and weather visiting a wax museum at all was such a brilliant idea..

Sweets to the Sweet

How could a Father deny his own daughter a doll? Shouldn't every little girl have one? A girl is incomplete without one...

It's all good though. I mean if your little girl can't have an adorable little dolly who can be her new best friend, she can always make one...

The Cloak

Another word of advice, this time to Horror Actors:

Be very careful what roles you audition for and what costumes you put on. For all you know, a dead person or a diabolical entity has complete possession of your costume, just waiting for the right actor with the right role to try it on. 

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