Thursday, July 19, 2018

The Blood Is The Life - A Horror Short Film About Blood Donation Awareness

The Blood Is The Life is a short Horror Film/Public Service Announcement created to raise awareness about the importance of Blood Donation. When you donate blood, you are making a vast difference in the lives of the patient in need and their families. You feel rewarded in ways you can never imagine knowing YOUR blood saved a life. As a regular blood donor himself, my fiance and I both were asked to participate in this wonderful project. We would love to thank the very lovely and wonderful people who wrote, directed and produced this profound film.

Marissa Valdes - Writer/Assistant Producer
Jennifer Valdes - Director/ Producer
Shawn Anthony - Cinematographer
Tony DeBenedetto - Executive Producer
Jeff and Meg Scott - Executive Producers
Jesse "Omega" Miller - Executive Producer
Meg Scott - Hair and Makeup
Jeff Scott - Special Effects


                   Jennifer Valdes- Director/Producer and Shawn Anthony/Cinematographer                                                     Photo By John Brodber
             Jennifer Valdes - Director/Producer              Photo By Anthony Saint Thomas

                                                           Photo By Loren Molloy

                                                           Photo By Leslie Johnson
                                                           Photo By Leslie Johnson                                                             

                                                                Photo By Leslie Johnson

This is Executive Producer, Tony DeBenedetto filling in for actor as the star football player.

Once again, we would love to express our gratitude to the wonderful team for The Blood Is The Life for their hard work, dedication and commitment in creatively and expressively promoting and raising Blood Donation Awareness and for making us a part of this wonderful project!

Please visit, and to learn more and to show your support!

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