Monday, July 16, 2018

Chopping Mall - Everything Is On Clearance!

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Before the Internet came The Mall. A place to shop, a place to hang out with friends after school, a place to locate the best sales, and overall, a place to make you feel good. Nowadays what do we do for fun? Holiday shopping now can be done online but just as well to avoid the rush. I miss the days one of my old friends would call me up and say, "hey, let's go to the mall". Whenever we do go to malls every now and then, it is clearance everywhere..literally. It has become a ghost town. Stores go out of business and the Food Courts look empty half the time. When I think "Chopping Mall", this is exactly what comes to mind, no joke. Chopped customer count. Chopped stores. Chopped desires to go to the mall. It is on one big chopping block. 

Now what if Malls got this interesting???

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