Thursday, July 11, 2019


Sin. Punishment. Rape. Torture. Witchery. Hex. Heresy. Scams. How would you like to have Lord Cumberland as your leader? Any individual falsely accused of a crime gets either a hand severed off, or lynched. A woman accused of being a witch gets assaulted. And if you get accused of lying, well then it will be the last lie of your life. Once your tongue gets ripped out of your head, you lose the ability to lie. But where does the dire need for torture come from?


Once you lose the power of your manhood, you have to compensate in some way right? 

Well it could always be worse, I mean you could get beheaded just for missing Church on Sundays. But all kidding aside, was there any truth to the crimes committed or were the witch trials a big scam just for monetary and sexual gain? What sort of execution should there be in mind for a vile heap of human scum like Lord Cumberland?

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