Thursday, August 8, 2019

Macabre (1980) - Some Women Just Can't Let Go...

If whorish and negligent was a slot machine, then bitch you have just hit the jackpot!

Jane Baker is a sexually depraved and negligent mother of two children, a son and daughter. She has no qualms about breaking up her family and relentlessly goes on to pursue her affair with her lover Fred. While Jane continues to feed her carnal urges, her daughter Lucy drowns her little brother, Michael in the bathtub. When Jane gets the call, her and Fred frantically drive back home and end up getting into a severe accident leaving Fred decapitated. Jane enters an institution where she stays for some time. When she is released, she is not quite the same as she is still obsessing over Fred's death. Some mother huh? As a matter of fact, it is all Jane seems to give a damn about. To Hell with her ex husband and children. When she takes up residency at a boarding facility where a blind landlord, Robert is in charge, she continues her torrid affair with Fred though he is deceased. She keeps a memento of his severed head in the refrigerator where it is well preserved. And when her carnal cravings resurface, Jane takes the head back to the bedroom and has sex with it non stop. Robert is suspicious and Lucy remains completely and utterly resentful towards her mother. One has to wonder, did Jane graduate with A Dahmer Degree at Necrophile U? If so, she definitely graduated with high honors. Can you just imagine her walking over to receive her diploma and holding up Fred's decapitated head shouting, "I did it! I did it! Now let's go home and celebrate with multiple orgasms while I roll your head up and down each and every erogenous zone".

It is just a tad bit sick and convoluted beyond your darkest imagination. You might think it is all in Jane's head as she may still be in mourning over Fred's fatal accident. But what if it may not be? It turns into a very ugly showdown between Jane and Lucy as Lucy finds Fred's head in the refrigerator and then begins to leave clues letting her mother know that she is well aware of her necrophiliac tendencies. Would you like an ear lobe in your soup? Lucy later confesses that she was the one who drowned her little brother and Jane goes absolutely ballistic and kills Lucy. The blind landlord ends up then killing Jane. Is it over now? Has the insanity finally come to its' conclusion? Or has Jane screwed Fred's dead head one too many times and used her special juices of life to resurrect him? Maybe it is not all in her head...

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