Tuesday, September 10, 2019

The Blood Spattered Bride (1972)

Marriage. Secrets. Dark Past. Nightmares. Violence. Lust. Strange Occurrences. Stalking. Warnings. Revenge. Spells. BDSM. Blood lust. Lesbian Vampires. 

Susan is under the spell of Marcilla, who had murdered her husband for coercing her into non-consented sexual acts 200 years before. She possesses Susan to try to do the same to her husband. When Susan's husband finds a nude woman buried in the sand on the beach, she identifies herself as Carmilla. But Carmilla has a hidden agenda as Susan's resistance towards her weakens. The two women embark on an affair and go on a bloody killing spree. The husband kills both women who are sleeping in their coffins, and the servants daughter who reveals she too had been bit. It was revealed via a newspaper column that there was a man who cut out the hearts of 3 women and was arrested.

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