Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Vault of Horror - 1973

Framing Story

5 men walk into a club. They don't have a remote clue who the other man is. But they do share one thing in common. They are all guilty as sin. Their doom is the same.

Midnight Mess

A pending family inheritance can suck every last ounce of life out of you. Harold Rodgers decides to mercilessly kill his sister Donna to claim it all. Is all the money in the world really worth it? Especially when you won't live long enough to stake your claim?

No inheritance for you. Now you will be bled dry!

The Neat Job

OK, I too am a neat freak, although my drawers are a mess. Clothes are just stacked together unfolded at times. But come on Art, don't exert such high demands on your wife. She is not Carol Brady. Maybe your OCD needs to be compartmentalized...

This Trick'll Kill You

Magic can be a curse. Never put a magic rope in a compromising position to satisfy your own greed and curiosity. Because if you do, it will position itself around your NECK!!!!

Bargain In Death

Faking your own death as part of an insurance scam??? Tsk Tsk Tsk... You get what you give and your own greed sends you straight to the Vault!!!

Drawn And Quartered

As stated above, you get what you give. Or to put it more precisely, you reap what you paint. You feel crossed and betrayed, I get that. But to put your anger and need for retribution in the hands of a Voodoo priest is treading on scalding cinder blocks. Let Karma do its' job. You paint a man with severed hands and cut eyes and they are confronted by purposeful accidents. But you will be too because you too have to have a painting of yourself. And if lets just say a certain paint thinner "accidentally" falls on your portrait, leaving it all smeared and splattered and you happen to find yourself in front of a truck....

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